GitHub SSH configuration

You have to register the SSH key of each computer that you are planning to use the MATLAB.devTools on.

  • Check if you already have an SSH key:
$ ls -al ~/.ssh

If there is a file with an extension .pub, you already have an SSH key. Now, you have to add your SSH key to Github. More help is here.

  • Generate the SSH key on your computer: If you don’t have yet an SSH key (see previous step), you have to generate one (more help is here):
   $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

Leave the passphrase empty when generating the SSH key.

Can I check if everything is properly set up before I start?

Please ensure that you have a working MATLAB installation.

You can check if you have a working installation of git by typing in the Terminal (on linux and macOS) or cmd (in Windows, not Git Bash):

$ git --version

If installed properly, this will return git version 2.13.1 [...] or similar with another version number.

You can then check if your git is properly configured by typing in the terminal (or GUI Bash):

$ git config --get user.github-username

which will return your Github username if everything is properly set up. Similarly, check the configured email by typing in the terminal (or GUI Bash):

$ git config --get

You can check if you have a working installation of curl by typing in the terminal (cmd on Windows, not Git Bash):

$ curl --version

which will return curl 7.51.0 [...] or similar with another version number if installed properly.

System configuration

You must have git and curl installed. Please also ensure that you have MATLAB installed.


Please download the git tools for Windows from here. During the installation process, please ensure that you select Use Git Bash and optional Unix tools from the Windows Command prompt. In addition, please make sure that you select Checkout as-is, commit Unix-style line endings.

windows0 windows1

Linux (Ubuntu or Debian)

$ sudo apt-get install git-all curl


In order to install git, install the Xcode Command Line Tools. For curl, follow the instructions here.

Github and local git configuration

If you don’t have a GitHub account, please sign up here. For the very first time, you must fork the repository of The COBRA Toolbox. Browse to the original repository and click on the button .

On Linux (Ubuntu) or macOS, start the terminal (or any other shell). On Windows, start GUI Bash. Then type

$ git config --global user.github-username "yourGitHubUsername"
$ git config --global ""

Please replace "yourGitHubUsername" and "" with your respective credentials.


Download this repository (the folder ./MATLAB.devTools/ will be created). You can clone the repository using:

$ git clone MATLAB.devTools

bulb Run this command in Terminal (on macOS and linux) or in Git Bash (on windows) - not in matlab.

Some issues that can arise during installation are addressed in the FAQ.