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by The COBRApy Team


  • Fix in the ordering and rounding of FVA summary #525
  • Shared memory, improve speed during sampling #521
  • Debug model.remove_reactions to properly work with context manager. This lead to the deprecation of reaction.delete as this was not compatible with the concept of being able to later revert the change. #506, #508.
  • Adding two models (modela + modelb) again results in a model with the objective set to the sum of the two models objectives #505.
  • When adding reactions to a model, the reactions with identifiers identical to those in the model are ignored. #511

New features

  • model.merge can be used to merge two models, more flexibly than the overloaded + and += operators.

Deprecated features

  • reaction.delete has been deprecated in favor of reaction.remove_from_model
  • overloaded + and += for cobra.Model are deprecated in favor of model.merge