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by The COBRApy Team


  • Guarantee that sampler._reproject always returns a feasible point and will not attempt to reproject already feasible points. #564
  • Model.summary no longer fails when calling after the model has changed. Fixed by letting the summary function re-compute a solution (default) or letting user supply a prior computed solution object. #566
  • Metabolites must now have valid identifiers before being added to a model or ValueError is raised.
  • Fix use of underscores in key/value pairs in legacy sbml notes. #547

Backwards incompatible changes

  • the Solution class no longer contains links progenitor model’s reactions and metabolites. Removed since it those can change after the solution has been computed making them erroneous. This of course implies that Solution constructor changes to:

      def __init__(self, objective_value, status, fluxes, reduced_costs=None,
                 shadow_prices=None, **kwargs):