by The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability

Tags: strain design , cell factories , web app

DD-DeCaF is a Horizon 2020 project (grant agreement No 686070) bringing together leading academic partners from five European universities with five innovative European companies to address the challenge of building a comprehensive design tool. DD-DeCaF aims to develop cutting edge methods in order to use large scale data to design cell factories and communities for biotechnological applications. The project is built as a number of micro-services which can be used separately and via the web-based user-interface.


by Philipp Schneider, Pavlos Stephanos Bekiaris, Axel von Kamp, Steffen Klamt

Tags: strain-design , visualization , cell-factories , minimal cut sets

StrainDesign, a comprehensive Python package that integrates the most popular deterministic metabolic design algorithms, including nested strain optimization methods such as RobustKnock, OptCouple and OptKnock, as well as the more general minimal cut sets approach. The optimization approaches are embedded in individual modules, which can also be combined for setting up more elaborate strain design problems. Advanced features, such as the efficient integration of GPR-rules, the consideration of gene and reaction additions and of regulatory interventions are available for all modules.