findMIIS(LPProblem, printLevel)

Finds the Minimal Irreducible Infeasible Subset (MIIS) in an infeasible linear program. It uses (for now) the IBM ILOG CPLEX conflict refine routine. The MIIS is the smallest infeasible submodel that becomes feasbile if one constraint/bound is removed. All subsets of a MIIS are feasbile. Where relaxedFBA and feasOpt take corrective measures automatically, findMIIS points the user to the infeasible subset which guides decision making. The user can then check errors in the data or correct the model based on the literature.


MIIS = findMIIS(model,1)


LPProblem: Infeasible model as COBRA model structure printLevel: 0/1/2


MIIS.rxns: Reactions of MIIS MIIS.mets: Mets of MIIS MIIS.rxnsStat: Status of infeasiblity of reactions MIIS.metsStat: Status of infeasiblity of metabolites please refer to this link for status meaning