pFBA(model, varargin)

Parsimoneous enzyme usage Flux Balance Analysis - method that optimizes the user’s objective function and then minimizes the flux through the model and subsequently classifies each gene by how it contributes to the optimal solution. See Lewis, et al. Mol Syst Bio doi:10.1038/msb.2010.47


[GeneClasses RxnClasses modelIrrevFM] = pFBA(model, varargin)


model COBRA model varargin: including:

  • ‘geneoption’ - 0 = minimize the sum of all fluxes in the network, 1 = only minimize the sum of the flux through gene-associated fluxes (default), 2 = only minimize the sum of the flux through non-gene-associated fluxes

  • ‘map’ - map structure from readCbMap.m (no map written if empty)

  • ‘mapoutname’ - File Name for map

  • ‘skipclass’ - 1 = Don’t classify genes and reactions. Only return model with the minimium flux set as upper bound. 0 = classify genes and reactions (default).


GeneClasses: Structure with fields for each gene class RxnsClasses: Structure with fields for each reaction class modelIrrevFM: Irreversible model used for minimizing flux with

the minimum flux set as a flux upper bound

MinimizedFlux minimized flux

Note on maps: Red (6) = Essential reactions, Orange (5) = pFBA optima reaction, Yellow (4) = ELE reactions, Green (3) = MLE reactions, blue (2) = zero flux reactions, purple (1) = blocked reactions, black (0) = not classified


[GeneClasses RxnClasses modelIrrevFM] = pFBA(model, ‘geneoption’,0, ‘tol’,1e-7)